12pm – 2pm – Rufus Stone The Housewives Choice (All New 50:50 Show – Rerun)

2pm - 4pm – DJ Jo Jo (Brighton Blends)

4pm – 5pm – Mr Choons (Soul Searching)

5pm - 6pm – John Stevenson Jnr (Mod N Soul Show)

6pm - 8pm - DJG aka Djg Gary Collis

8pm - 10pm - DJ Malcolm Aubrey (Soul Expansions Show)


Alternate Mondays - 10pm - 12am – Check SLR facebook page for more details

Rev Clive Osborn (Sixties Show)/DJ Andy Richards (Smooth & Saxxy Show)

12am – 2am –The Funky Lizard Show with Liz Maas





5pm - 7pm – DJ Andy H (Shifting Gears Show)


Alternate Tuesdays - 7pm - 9pm – Check SLR Facebook Page for more details

Sir Les Knott LIVE on SLR/DJ Mayafra (Killer Groove Music Library)


Alternate Tuesdays 9pm – 11pm – Check SLR Facebook Page for more details


DJ Paul Freeman (Freeman’s Flavas)/Dave Lyes (Soulful Diversity Show)

11pm - 1am – DJ Paul Mason (Seductive Sounds Show)

1am - 3am – Greavesie & Woodsie (Sweet Soul Sunday - Scheduled Rerun)





6pm- 8pm - Rufus Stone The Housewives Choice (All New 50:50 Show)

Wednesday   8pm - 1pm - DJ Danny Peters (Listener’s Choice Show)

10pm - 12am      - Reverend Clive Osborn (Saints & Sinners)

Wednesday 12am - 2am  - Marky G – (Spoonful of Sugar Show)





6pm -  8pm  - Kilty K (Kilty’s Pleasures)

8pm - 10pm - Asif Shaheed (Asif's Eclection Selection)

10pm - 12am - Terry T (FunKshuN Show)

12am - 2am   - SoulFly & Mozkito (Soulfood Show)





10am – 1pm - Dave Lyes (Soulful Diversity Show)

1pm - 3pm  - Eric Rogers (ReGroove Show)

4pm - 6pm  - SoulFly & Mozkito (Soulfood Show – Scheduled Rerun)

6pm - 9pm  - Alex Wilson’s (Soul & Reggae Show)

9pm - 11pm - Bob Fisher (Friday Night Dance Party)

11pm -  1am  - DJ Andy Richards (Ultra Soul Show)





8am - 10am - Nick Davies (The Crazeology Radio Show)

10am - 12pm - DJ Dab (Soul In The House Of Jazz Show)

12pm - 2pm  - Paul Mason (Soul n Funky Grooves Show)

2pm -  4pm - DJ Nino Malo (Soul To The Universe Show)

4pm - 6pm - DJ Peter Hitch (Nu Directions Show)/SLR Soulful Stream

6pm -  9pm  - Dr Funk (Funkalicious Show)

9pm - 12am - The Night Owl (Northern Soul Queen)

12am – 1am  - New Show Coming Soon with DJ Nino Malo





1am -   6am - The Gospel Train with Clifford E. English (Complete Show)

8am -  9am  - The Gospel Train with Clifford E. English (Hour Show)

9am  - 11am - Saints & Sinners Show with Rev Clive Osborn

11am - 1pm   - Greavesie & Woodsie (Sweet Soul Sunday Show)

1pm  -  3pm - DJ Bob Fisher (The Soul Box)

3pm  -  5pm - DJ Chris G (Soulful House/ReEdits Show)

5pm  -  7pm - Kilty K (Northern Soul Show)

7pm -   8pm - Music Hour Special Shows (see fb page for updates)

8pm - 10pm - DJ Tim Adams (Get Your Funk On)

10pm - 12am - Alex Wilson (Late Night Show)

12am -   2am - Nick Davies (Crazeology Radio Show – Scheduled Rerun)




There will be random Shows hosted by DJs during the weekdays as and when they are available so please keep a look out for these posts, details will be on Facebook and all the usual places.


Soul Legends Radio plays a variety of music including, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Funky House, Balearic Chillout, Lounge Vibes, Raggae, Motown, House,

Hip Hop and 70's and 80's. Soul Legends Radio is fully licensed for PRS for Music and PPL Broadcasting Licensing.


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